Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11: Remembrance Day

I will remember today and continue to remember everyday those who fought and continue to fight so bravely for our freedom. xoxo.

Remebrance Day: Poppies

Image Source & Credit: Photo & Design - Melanie Pyves


Blossom said...

Ok, I offically love your blog! :)

I'm a lover og organic things myself, so I especially appreciate this. :)

I do admit to trying to get people to read my blog and comment, follow, ect... but this time I truely just wanted to tell you how awsome your blog is. :) Although you are WELCOME to read my blog, orcourse! LOL!


Bindu said...

I hope, you will continue posting on this blog. I am a blogger from Toronto. I will continue to drop in to see more. Thanks for the nice postings!!

M.A said...

sweet words!