Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gone Vegan Fashion Blogging

I'm putting my crafty blog on temporary hiatus while I focus on my vegan fashion blog. I'm sure I'll be back to this blog eventually but for now you can find me here! Thanks for reading my craft blog and I hope to see you over @ my vegan fashion blog.

Melanie @ The Coma Girl Designs/The Streets I Know


Melanie said...

I keep having to remove spam from this post. so fing stop spamming my blog. piss off!!!

Melanie said...

Once again stop spamming my blog. Comments now have to be approved before they show up so I can tell you now if it's spam it will not be approved. If it's a valid comment it will be approved. Why do people like spammers have to ruin the fun of blogging for everyone else?! Once again this is directed at the spammers piss off!