Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handmade Canada! - Part Deux


A list of just a few amazing sites I've found while surfing the internet wave. BTW they're all Canadian and they all sell handmade!

*I will be updating this site as I find more. Let me know if I've missed any!*

goodEgg Industries
Cordially Yours
Sick On Sin
Tryst By Kerry
Room 6
Sweetie Pie Press
Floating Gold Iceberg
House Of Hsuen
V:space Studio


Allisonxo said...

Thanks for including my shop on your list Melanie! That's awesome!
You should check out my friend Karissa's site: www.karissacove.com She is super talented and wicked cute! Keep up the good work over at coma girl.. once again, I appreciate your support!

SickOnSin said...

Aww thanks so much for including Sick On Sin in the list! Yay Canadian! Yay indie! Happy Holidays! jen :)

Unknown said...

There is also www.nikiandlola.etsy. com. That's homemade and Canadian aswell!

Great blog by the way!