Friday, January 15, 2010

I Heart My Artsy Fartsy Friends

It's my pleasure to share with you these fabulous pieces from my lovely & über talented friend Cara Sheppard. Make sure to checkout her website, blog and twitter! I'm also super excited to announce that she'll be painting in the near future a sure to be amazing portrait of my adorable kitties Mosi and Beanie.

Cara Sheppard

* All images belong to Cara Sheppard

p to the s - Rhiannon I thought you'd dig The Harry Potter Night Bus poster :).


Cara Sheppard said...

I love that Rosie Bitts is represented twice!

Thanks for the post!!

Melanie said...

They're both fab pieces! I love your crow and the one you did for Sarah Kramer :).

Rhiannon said...

yup! love the knight bus!!