Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Good Headband On My Shoulders

As you can tell from my Etsy Pick Of The Week (below to the left under Site Of The Week) I currently have an obsession with headbands. Maybe it has something to do with my new hair cut or the fact that I have a few weddings to go to this year. I would love to rock a fun headband @ one or two of them! Seriously I just can't get enough of headbands! Here are a few of my etsy faves....

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Kate said...

Hey Coma girl (and readers!)

I'm really into headbands too, and especially a lot of the new ones we are seeing with the big embellishments and flowers. I do a lot of etsy, but also mynew favorite is Andrea's Beau (get it!?) which is like these hand designed really gorgeous head bands and clips and things. I especially like the clips for spring because it can be hard to wear sunglasses and head bands at the same time so the clips can be a good accessory instead!!

i spotted some of their stuff at i think neiman's or nordtsroms or one of those stypes of stores but you can find it online at checdk them out they are awesome!!