Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cats In The Details

First off this post is inspired by fellow blogger Maria Rose's Details post over @ Little Things Are Big. Her post reminded me of the bus ride I use to have to take to my old job. A bus ride I hated because it felt like it took me to the out skirts of the city. The only good thing about this horrifically long bus ride was the details of the ride. Okay really it was only one detail and that detail was a person. A person who I would see everyday get on the bus wearing some sorta cat themed t-shirt. This person also happened to be a guy, so at first it struck me as odd that he wore cat t-shirts. I mean he was a young guy and he wore these novelty cat tees that looked like they came from a souvenir shop. They reminded me of something a grandmother would wear. It was very strange. However after a while I started to look forward it. It sadly became the high light of my morning. I would think what shirt will it be today?? Is it going to be new one or an old one? And yes he had one for everyday of the work week (and I'm assuming he had ones for the weekend too).


Maria Rose said...

Awesome story! While working retail I came know a cat lady who wore cat t-shirts and sweaters every day. One of my co-workers made the mistake of telling the cat lady that she didn't like cats. The cat lady never spoke to her again.

E.K. said...

Cat shirts over band shirts any day I say!