Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Medium Is The Message

I've been watching a lot (well to much really, lol) of Mad Men lately and it inspired me to do this etsy search. I based it on a few quotes from characters on the show...

"I'm sorry I over did it. You're out the business a few years and things change" - Betty Drapper

Vintage Black Chiffon and Lace Party Cocktail Dress
By- Skivvy LuLu Vintage

"Should we drink before the meeting or after... or both" - Salvatore Romano

4 lowball vintage glassware
By - A Touch Of Vintage

"No one under 25 drinks coffee anymore"- Duck Phillips

Pyrex Gold Coffee Server
By - Happy Day Vintage

"I use to think I'd find a husband here." - Secretary

Cats Eye Vintage Frames
By - Vintage Vixxen

"A girl like you with those darling little ankles I'd find away to make them sing, also men love scarves" - Joan Holloway

Vintage Anchor Scarf
By -Thirteen

Fairy Girl Shoes Size
By - Tink Whitch

"Red and green our my colours, so were going to do it @ Christmas, but he doesn't know that yet." - Joan Holloway

1960s Empire Wedding Dress Pattern
By - Empress Patterns

"You can't sit down in that dress" - Paul Kinsely

Vintage Brocade Dress
By - Bama Belle

(The back is even like the back of the dress she wears in the Nixon vs. Kennedy episode!)

"It's called a Chip and Dip." - Pete Campbell

Appetizer Platter Set
By - Whimsical Expressions

"Thanksgiving, It's very nerve racking getting the family together." - Betty Draper

Sweet Clean
By - Snappy Shop

"I don't make plans and I don't make breakfast" - Midge Daniels

Vintage Minna Lee Embroidered Linen Over Dress
By - Eclecticas

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