Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Mad for....

Mad Men... Yay to season deux! Mark July 27 @ 10 pm on your calenders! Makes me wish I had a TV or that I could at least buy the new episodes from the Apple Canada itunes store . Guess I'll just have to get my Mad Men fix from the season one DVD and wait patently for the season two DVD. As design geek this show is a dream for me I'm constantly drooling over the fashion, and the mid-century interior design. However I don't drool over the smoking and sexism, but hey that's how it was back then. I sometimes find it hard to believe my mother had to deal with becoming a young adult in a time were the Good Old Boys Club ruled the roost. I also find it hard to believe that such things happened only 48 years ago. Blows my mind!

p.s - check out Rich Sommer's who plays Harry Crane on the shows blog. Oh and the photo is from Vanity Fair.

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