Sunday, June 15, 2008

Etsy Is Fabric Heven

I was inspired today by my post on my Art & Design blog (That's So Jake) about textiles to do today etsy search! Here are a few fabulous textiles that I found in the etsy craft supplies section.

Hot Couturier Fabric
Find it @ Fabric Stash

Sausage Dogs Fabric
Find it @ M Wendas

Confections Green Cupcake Fabric
Find it @ JinnysTreasures

Damask Fabric
Find it @ Fabric Stash

Japanese Fabric Wizard of Oz Fabric
Find it @ Fabric Stash

Go Train Fabric
Find it @ Mountain Of The Dragon

Gnomes Fabric
Find it @ Lucky kaeru Fabric

Apples & Pears Fabric
Find it @ Lucky Kaeru Fabric

Japanese Deer Fabric
Find it @ Fabric Stash

Volkswagon Vans
Find it @ Lucky Kaeru Fabric

Robert Kaufman Ice Cream Fabric
Find it @ Designs By Dona


Cody said...

The deer are so adorable. And I can't imagine what I'd do with the fabric, but the gnomes are pretty awesome, as well. If it were a little darker, I'd love to make it into a garden tote/apron/something.

Jenny said...

wow I love your blog! May I add it in my blog links? :)

Melanie said...

Hi there Jenny. Ah shucks I would love to be added to your blog links! Thanks for checking out my blog and make sure to come back. xoxo

Jenny said...

Melanie, you're welcome! :)