Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolutions 2008

These are the resolutions I'm going to try to stick to this year...

  • Do a craft show.
  • Find a Indie Toronto store to carry my stuff.
  • Send samples of my work to be in The Sampler And The Modish Monthly Giveaway.
  • Start My Vegan Fashion Blog. (I'm on Indipublic so add me!)
  • Learn to master using resin and find a kind that doesn't stink to high hell.
  • Work more on my mix media collages.
  • Visit the Etsy Labs in New York.
  • Go to Vegas with friends to see the lights, have some fun and eat some Vegan donuts.
  • Post some of my own craft tutorials on Cut Out + Keep & Threadbanger.
  • Learn how to do web design.
  • Get more involved in the Toronto crafting community.
  • Enter's Next Big Thing.
  • Do more thrift shopping.
  • See more bands I like live.
  • Learn to play my guitar.
  • Eat better - More raw foods, less bread.
  • Start running and do that 5K with my sister.
  • Spend more time with my friends and family.
  • Keep my apt clean (get rid of clutter) and be more organized.
  • Ride my bike more in the warm weather and get over my fear of main streets. Queen St. scares the bejebus out of me!

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